Praise for Blood Forge

"Good opening book of the series. The duology of Craftsman and Willbinder is well thought out and planned. The characters are stretched to their limits...a fun read and I recommend it to fantasy lovers."  Alex Mcgilvery,

"Great fast paced fantasy read. I liked the infusion of Celtic mythology into a clever and engaging plot."  Jonah Sage

Meet Seph Ronden

Craftsman: Blood Forge is Seph Ronden's first published work.  He co-authored this and its fast-paced sequel, Willbinder: Teardrops of Neba, with his long-time friend Thomas Stout.  Together these two novels complete the first epic fantasy saga in the riveting ADVENT OF THE ARD-ULLEM series.  Seph also just released his third and fourth books; Protector: Immortafice, and Thoughtweaver: Visions and Realities; must reads for the Irish fantasy connoisseur.

“The blood of heroes given freely in a just cause is sweet nectar to the earth...”
        Erina Terra, CRAFTSMAN: BLOOD FORGE