Teardrops of Neba

After the battle of Hraefn Fields, Byron desperately seeks a means to face the undefeatable horde.  He must find the fabled Tome of Nuada before the end of all things and reunite with his brother who has built a final bastion for the scattered De Danann's defense.  In the journey, the legend of The Silverhand is reborn, but will it be enough to stop the wicked Garlon from possessing the Ard-Ullem and achieving complete domination.  This second volume of this riviting series completes the War of the Brothers tale, but its ending may surprise you.

Co-authored with his long-time friend Thomas Stout, Willbinder: Teardrops of Neba, an action-packed adventure of The ADVENT OF THE ARD-ULLEM or "High-Craft" series will carry the reader into a world of the ancient De Danann unlike any fantasy fiction novels seen before.‚Äč