Visions and Realities

Returning from their foray into Haruka territory, Odaro takes Lyra and Eryn back to Goruis then sets out to find Craftsman's vent of power.  Adam begins his search for the helm's Immortafice, but finds he has been branded an outlaw and is a hunted man in his own kingdom.  The quest to locate the elusive immortal vents becomes more desperate as unnatural catastrophes increase in frequency and strength while long-held beliefs of the De Danann's shrouded past are also shaken by visions of past events given to Adam through the helm.

Deception and the thirst for power molds Visions and Realities into a truly unforgettable tale as old adversaries and allies reappear, and invading forces from across the sea bend all their efforts upon killing the princesses and military conquest.  Can the final vent be found in time or will the royal line be severed heralding the end of all things?


This forth volume of The Annuls of the Ard-Ullem fiction books completes the second action-packed tale in this exciting fantasy adventure series.